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pressure pipework and structural steel

At PTF, we believe not just in keeping up with industry standards but in constantly pushing our own, to be ready for anything our customers need. That is why we are proud to confirm not one but two reapprovals.

In February, we were pleased to be successfully reapproved for compliance to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU, Annex III; Module D1 assessment). As so much of what we manufacture goes into critical & high-pressure systems, compliance helps our customers demonstrate they have met their obligations.

The second reapproval came in June. Much of the steel & aluminium work we make includes structural elements, such as the uprights that support pipes on a skid. We took the decision to go for EN 1090 (Class 2) approval so we can certify these structural elements.

EN 1090 harmonises requirements for the conformity of steel & aluminium structural components. It supports the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirement for aluminium & steel products to be CE marked, making trade across borders more straightforward.

Thanks to our QA & workshop teams for their hard work in ensuring we continue to meet both standards. Thanks also British Standards Institute BSI-KSA, our assessment body, for their impartial advice & professional approach.

You can read more about our approach to quality here.

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