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As experienced engineers ourselves, we know that you expect a lot from your suppliers and contractors: Innovation, accuracy and precision, communication and teamwork at the very least. Read more…

Project Managers

We know that, as a Project Management professional, you are juggling a whole raft of responsibilities. From initiating and planning projects through to successful completion, with all that entails.  No doubt you manage teams – and motivate them – and manage the expectations of key stakeholders. You’ll regularly be communicating and reporting on the status of project milestones, as well as managing comprehensive work plans and budgets.  Your skills include negotiation, risk assessment and management, leadership and policy knowledge, to name just a few.


We understand that purchasing and procurement is often a complex job.  As well as grappling with the needs of your project and engineering colleagues, balancing the pressures of budgets and lead-times, no doubt you’re also assessing the risks of a range of potential suppliers and investigating their governance and quality processes to ensure you’re making the best choice.  And that’s before we even mention contracts and call-off schedules. We understand how ‘trusted supplier’ status – however informal – can help make the procurement process easier and shave valuable seconds in the race to timely completion.  That’s why we aim to be your trusted supplier every time. Read more…

Quality Managers

As a Quality Assurance Professional, we know that your focus is on producing end results of the highest standard.  Your tools to do that are a range of processes, certification standards and specifications to ensure that your audit trails are in place and nothing is missed.  You are probably liaising regularly with your own engineering and purchasing teams, with your client’s delivery team and with suppliers’ staff.  To coin a phrase, we know that quality is a journey – that has to be monitored – not a destination. Read more…

You can see a copy of our Quality Management System certificates here.

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  • "Really appreciate the effort on this one as I know this was a real challenge with everything else going on and you still managed to deliver as promised." Project manager

  • "I just want to thank everyone at PTF for the cooperation with this order & hope we can work together in the future. Thanks all." Project Engineer

  • "That was a quick turnaround! Thanks again for your service and support." Technical Engineer

  • "A short note to thank PTF for doing such a great job with the water injection piping, it went in nicely without a hitch." Pipeline Integrity Engineer

  • "Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making this happen, it’s been a great help, and massively appreciated" Project Buyer

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