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As a Quality Assurance Professional, we know that your focus is on producing end results of the highest standard.  Your tools to do that are a range of processes, certification standards and specifications to ensure that your audit trails are in place and nothing is missed.  You are probably liaising regularly with your own engineering and purchasing teams, with your client’s delivery team and with suppliers’ staff.  To coin a phrase, we know that quality is a journey – that has to be monitored – not a destination.

We understand that your responsibilities are many and varied.  Here at PTF Engineering, we aim to achieve and maintain a consistently high standard of quality and workmanship in all aspects of our companies’ operations.  We know that this can help make your job more straight-forward and sets us up as a supplier you know you can rely on.

We offer a comprehensive QA documentation package, which can be tailored to meet our customers requirements. As a minimum all our welders are fully coded to suit the class of orders being undertaken and 100% visually inspected by our CSWIP Inspectors. Finished product undergoes either hydrostatic or pneumatic testing carried out by our trained and experienced workforce. Inspection and testing can also include full NDT services via our UKAS approved sub-contractors.

You can see a copy of our Quality Management System certificates here

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Why work with PTFE?

Quality Control
  • BSI Certified to ISO 9001:2018, 2014/68/EU and EN1090
  • Full QA data pack traceability.
Project Management
  • Allocated Project engineer with co-ordinated team support
  • Commitment to deliver customer requirements to the highest quality to budget and schedule.
Full Testing & Inspection
  • Approved NDT supplier resource
  • CSWIP Welding Inspection standard
Comprehensive Welding Procedure knowledge
  • Welder competency matrix
Highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Highly skilled team with an average length of service of 10+ years
  • 30 years of experience and understanding with mechanical engineering across many industry sectors
Rolwey Group support
  • Product call-off scheduling.
  • Enhanced technical back-up

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  • "Really appreciate the effort on this one as I know this was a real challenge with everything else going on and you still managed to deliver as promised." Project manager

  • "I just want to thank everyone at PTF for the cooperation with this order & hope we can work together in the future. Thanks all." Project Engineer

  • "That was a quick turnaround! Thanks again for your service and support." Technical Engineer

  • "A short note to thank PTF for doing such a great job with the water injection piping, it went in nicely without a hitch." Pipeline Integrity Engineer

  • "Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making this happen, it’s been a great help, and massively appreciated" Project Buyer

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